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Electrical rewires and why they should be carried out by a professional

Why rewires should be carried out by a professional electrician

Electrical wiring is a vital component of any building, helping to power everything from the heating to all electronic entertainment systems. When looking at rewiring your home, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. First of all, what electrical appliances do you require cables running to, and what voltage do the appliance need to work properly and safely? Moreover, do you need additional sockets fitting? Often many rooms – particular kitchens – suffer from a lack of electrical outlets. When deciding where to have your sockets, it is important to think about what built-in appliances are in the vicinity, and what mobile appliances may be used in that room. As an example, you would need fewer sockets for a bedroom than you would for a kitchen.

Wall or floor wiring
Other aspects to think about would be whether you want the wiring to run through your walls or your floor, keeping in mind that in the future any further wiring work could require that these structures be dismantled in order to reach the internal wiring. As such, if you have wooden or laminated flooring you may choose to have the wiring run through you floorboards as it is easier and less messy to perform any work in the future; whereas pulling up carpets in order to perform any rewiring can be problematic and has a higher cost. On the other hand, if you decide to have the wiring running through the walls, keep in mind that would have to redecorate afterward.

Safe & sound wiring
Whether your property is an old-fashioned building or a relatively new structure, it is important that the wiring of your home is checked for any damages, and that they can safely carry the required voltage to their appliance. Any kind of damage can mean that your property will require a rewire in order to make sure that it is fire safe. Similarly, each appliance in your home will have a preset voltage requirement. It is vital that the cables running to this appliance are able to carry this voltage. Any wiring that is unable to carry the required load is again a major risk to the safety of your property, staff, and family.

Hire a fully qualified electrician
Rewiring your property, whilst being vital to the safety of the building, can be chaotic and disruptive to your everyday life. That’s why it is best to have any rewiring work completed before you move into a property. However, this is obviously not always possible, and you may already be living or working in a building that needs a rewire. In this case, it is still best to have a professional electrician complete any rewiring work all at once, rather than room by room. This will allow the electrician to analyze the whole building and meet its electrical requirements. It will also minimize any disruptions to your normal day as the work can be completed in a quicker timescale.

Finally, due to the dangers that electricity poses, it is highly important that you do not try to complete any rewiring work yourself. Make sure that you a hire a professional electrician who is fully qualified.

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